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The answer is the brandability of the domain.

Brandability is comprised of several important factors, including the length of the domain (shorter domains are traditionally more valuable), the ease with which the domain can be pronounced and remembered, and the domain's descriptive power.

For example:

Does the domain name describe a company, product, or service?

Is it something that can be remembered?

Does it tell a prospective customer about your business before they visit your website?

Is the name something that can could be used across multiple markets or industries?

The domain name is short and easy to spell. The more generic the domain is, the better the chance of frequent searches.

Still not convinced? Look at these stats!

Marketability Traits Ranked According To:

1) Top Level Domain (.com, .org,

2) Number of undesirable characters (hypens, numbers)

3) Overall Length.

A domain with a Good or Great in as many of these areas as possible is worth more.

Top Level Domain: GREAT

Undesirable Characters: GREAT (0 Total)

Overall Length: OK (10 Length)


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